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New Helac Tilt Rotator

New Helac Tilt Rotator

Helac Corporation, a leading manufacturer of hydraulic rotary actuators and construction equipment attachments, is pleased to announce the new Helac Tilt Rotator construction equipment attachment for excavators and backhoes with simultaneous 110° tilting action and 360° continuous bucket rotation. 

Helac’s Tilt Rotator innovation allows you to simultaneously multitask without moving your machine.

· Proven and Powerful – Helac’s Tilt Rotator uses the same helical sliding spline PowerTilt technology for the tilt function that’s been field proven for 20 years and now offers increased holding torque.

· Durable – Both the tilting and rotating assemblies have harden, corrosion and wear resistant bearing, seal and sliding surfaces.

· Compact – The narrow design features a fully enclosed tilting assembly and fully enclosed rotating assembly with no external cylinders.

· Added Versatility – The Helac Tilt Rotator design offers the greatest tilting capacity available on the market to further boost the versatility and productivity of your machine. You’ll receive unlimited continuous rotation as well as 55 degree side to side tilt.

· Flexible Mounting – Mount Helac’s Tilt Rotator directly to your machine and attaches your coupler of choice to the gear box for ultimate compactness.

· Quick Tool Changes – The Helac Tilt Rotator utilizes your existing auxiliary circuits to keep the installation simple and the performance reliable. The oil distributor integrated plumbing results in trouble-free hydraulic connections to your hydraulic coupler and high flow double attachment such as a grapple, jaw bucket or every high flow shear or plate tamp.

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