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Volvo introduces C Series, single-loader-arm skid steer and tracked loaders

Volvo introduces C Series, single-loader-arm skid steer and tracked loaders

Volvo Construction Equipment has unveiled the first models in its C-Series skid steer loader product line. The wheeled models are the MC110C, MC115C, MC125C and MC135C (another model, the MC155C, is not available in North America). Rated operating capacities for these models range from 1,009 to 1,495 kg (2,250 to 3,296 pounds) and gross engine power from 63 to 68 kW (84 to 92 hp). The tracked models in the range are the MCT125C and MCT135C (the MCT110C and MCT145C are not available in North America). Rated operating capacities for the tracked models range up to 1,452 kg (3,200 pounds) and gross engine power to 68kW (92 hp). Later this year Volvo CE will launch further new models in the range, culminating in a full offering of radial and vertical lift, wheeled and tracked models in all key rated operating capacity classes.

The single-loader-tower-arm design makes cab access easier and safer. Operators enter and exit the cab through a large, wide-opening side cab door. This eliminates the need for operators to climb onto and over the bucket or attachment, which many times can be muddy, wet or slippery. On wheeled machines, a bolt-on non-slip step under the door increases safe entry and exit of the cab. Side entry also eliminates an uncomfortable body turn required of operators to sit down in traditional skid steer loader cab designs.

Without the horizontal cross member found on most vertical lift machines, operators experience excellent all-around visibility. The cab also features a large top window for improved visibility during truck loading. This aids safety when operating in tight or congested areas.

Another feature of the new Volvo C-Series is improved service access through a forward-tilting cab and large rear compartment service door. In addition, the side entry and exit of the cab makes it possible for the operator to engage the loader arm support without the aid of a second person. Because of the side door, the operator can stop the machine, safely exit the machine without walking under the load, and then walk around the rear of the machine to safely engage the support.

Vertical lift makes the C-Series ideal for truck loading and a wide range of material handling applications.


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