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3.5MW subsea electric motor tested successfully

Flowserve Corporation has announced the successful completion of full load performance testing of a 6.6 kV, 3.5 MW, high-torque subsea electric motor. This 4-pole motor is one of the world's largest oil-filled motors designed for subsea applications. The Flowserve facility in Hamburg, Germany, engineered and built the motor using the combined technology of the Flowserve Pleuger and Byron Jackson brand submersible designs. The high-power motor is designed to enable the oil and gas industry to produce ultra-deep subsea fields and is part of a larger technology advancement initiative to develop high-pressure multiphase boosting for subsea applications.

"The successful completion of the test brings higher driver power levels to the subsea market than were previously available," said Dr. Andreas Dreiss, director, advanced technology. "The motor also demonstrates the ability of Flowserve to develop new technologies that provide solutions to the most demanding challenges our customers face."

The motor underwent extensive load testing at the Flowserve high-power test facility located in Etten Leur, Netherlands, and exceeded all IEC 60034 requirements for a nameplate rating of 3.5 MW. The testing also included integration testing with a Flowserve manufactured high-boost twin-screw multiphase pump developed under the same program.

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