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Custom-built electric utility vehicle

Custom-built electric utility vehicle

The new 2011 Might-E Truck features power steering, AC drive and standard off the shelf braking system for long-term serviceability. The Might-E Truck is a custom built electric powered utility vehicle which is street legal as a neighborhood  electric vehicle.  With a GVWR of 1355 kg, the capability of carrying a payload of 650 kg, a towing capacity of 1800 kg and a 680 kg hydraulic dump system the Might-E Truck works well as downtown maintenance truck or in specialized applications such as local garbage pickup and grounds keeping. The AC drive system provides more torque thanks to a standard DC system which translates into more power. This allows the Might-E Truck, when fully loaded, to transverse steep inclines with minimal reduction in speed. The AC drive system has no motor brushes to wear out and is virtually maintenance free.

Equipped with GM style rotor and caliper disc brake system the 2011 Might-E Truck fully loaded will hold on a 15 percent grade and an empty truck will hold on a 25 percent grade. The disc brake system provides exceptional braking and inexpensive, easy servicing. With standard 14-inch tires and redesigned leaf springs the Might-E Truck provides a soft ride and has a power steering option.

Company info

1184 Middlegate Road
Errington, BC
CA, V0R 1V0


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