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New S600 Slipform Paver

The Multi-Tool Every Paving Contractor Needs

New S600 Slipform Paver

Guntert & Zimmerman (G&Z) has announced the release of the S600 Multi-Purpose Slipform Paver. The G&Z S600 Slipform Paver is designed around a multi-purpose tractor frame that makes it ideal for city street, secondary roads, highway and airport paving as well as a wide range of other applications such as barrier walls, off-set paving and zero or minimum clearance paving.  The S600’s design has redefined what mobility means for a small paver without sacrificing the same performance advantages contractors have come to expect from G&Z’s large and mid-size paver.  Utilizing G&Z’s time tested and rugged paving kit design, the S600 is capable of achieving excellent ride numbers on the toughest IRI and zero blanking band projects.  

The S600 features a double telescopic tractor frame, access walkway, and hose hinge system for a nominal working range of 8’-0” to 22’-6” (2.44 m to 6.86 m)  the widest range in the industry. With the use of bolt-in tractor frame extensions, the S600 tractor can be used to pave out   to 29’-0” (9 m) and up to 26’ (8 m) with a dowel bar inserter (DBI). 

The versatility of the S600 tractor allows the contractor to quickly switch between applications and paving widths.  The tractor components including center module, bolsters, and jacking columns are designed with universal bolting patterns offering a wide range of three and four track tractor configurations with or without swing legs.  The S600 is the narrowest profile machine on the market.  In standard paving mode there is less than 2’ (610 mm) from edge of pavement to widest point on the paver with sensor support arms removed.  The paving kit, front tie bar inserters and many of the other optional attachments on the S600 are interchangeable with other G&Z paver models, giving the contractor a more versatile fleet of paving equipment.  

The optional and patented TeleEnds: Telescopic Paving Kit End Sections provide the contractor the ability to perform paving kit width changes rapidly, without the use of cranes, and with only a one or two-person crew. Each Telescopic End Section gives the contractor 3' (915mm) (or 6' [1.83m] for both sides) of quick width change capability. A width change which could typically take a three to four person crew 6 to 10 hours can now be performed by a one or two person crew in less than two hours and for a width change involving a single spacer less than one hour. 

The S600 is equipped with G&Z’s new and patented AccuSteer: Slew Drive Track Control.  The AccuSteer slew drives are mounted on top of the track yokes and are used to steer the tracks.  The AccuSteer drives are powered with hourglass worm technology to give long life, high accuracy and extremely high maneuverability.  The hourglass worm engages multiple teeth on the pitch line of the ring gear from the hourglass thread.  This engagement gives enormous strength and power to the gearbox.  The AccuSteer system allows the operator to independently rotate the tracks almost a full circle, providing exceptional maneuverability on site and rapid swing leg relocation for paving and transport without the need to re-pin steering cylinders. 

The S600 is also available with G&Z’s new and patented SmartLeg: Swing Leg System takes on the fly track line adjustments to the next level.  Working in tandem with the AccuSteer system, The SmartLeg System allows the operator to adjust the swing leg angle on the fly while automatically keeping the track straight ahead.  This offers a high level of flexibility for the contractor to maneuver around track line obstacles (e.g. fire hydrants, airport runway lights, etc.) on the fly and without stopping to make a bolster adjustment. 

With the new SmartLeg System, the process for transforming the S600 into the transport or side barrier wall position can be automated.  The simple process dramatically saves time over other conventional slipform pavers.  Using the combination of the 90 degree steering mode and the SmartLeg feature, the four swing bolsters and crawler tracks are automatically walked into the outboard, transport position in approx. 30 minutes.  In this transport configuration, the S600 can easily walk and steer onto a standard 8’ wide trailer.  There is no switching of hoses required on the crawler tracks. 

The new and patented VariWidth: Tractor Frame Width Change System, working together with the AccuSteer system, allows quick telescopic tractor width changes with the use of rollers and a hydraulic clamping puck system eliminating all clamping bolts.  The S600 extension tubes are held in place while in operation with an automatic hydraulic clamping puck system.  When the tractor frame width needs to be changed, the operator simply has to flip a switch to release the hydraulic pucks from one side of the machine and walk the machine in or out using the 90º steering mode.  The tractor frame extension tubes slide in and out of the center module with the help of rollers.  All of the hydraulic hoses and electrical cables between the power unit and the end bolsters are contained in G&Z’s hose management hinge system which eliminates the requirement to change hoses for width changes.  With no bolts to loosen, hoses to change, or supports to be added under the tractor, the VariWidth System is a huge time saver.  Tractor width changes can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

The S600 is available with G&Z’s market leading Compact Dowel Bar Inserter (CDBI).  The patented CDBI is a single, self-supporting module that mounts quickly on the rear of the S600.  G&Z is the worldwide leader in DBI technology.  The highly productive, mobile, reliable, and user friendly G&Z CDBI is designed to insert dowel bars accurately, make width changes and transport easily, and help achieve smooth rides.  G&Z is also currently developing a new narrow profile DBI for the S600.

The safety and visibility of the paver operator is top priority for G&Z.  The S600 features superb operator visibility and ease of operation.  The operator can easily see all around the machine including under foot into the liquification hopper.  The S600 is the quietest of all G&Z slipform pavers.  The S600’s power unit enclosure and cooling system has been designed to minimize noise while increasing the safety of the operator and ground crew.  The Operator Console is easily relocated anywhere along the operator platform hand railing to optimize visibility and to meet operator preference. 

 G&Z’s Next Generation Plus 1 Operator Control System incorporates user friendly operator controls and features state of the art networked controllers allowing extensive monitoring and diagnostic capability including remote diagnostics.  The Plus1 microcontroller platform provides G&Z the flexibility to easily update the software and add new, customized features.  A multi-function color display provides the operator with multiple real-time status updates.  Machine configuration is selected via graphics on the display. The operator console switches are labeled with standard ISO symbols making this a durable, easy to use, multinational user interface.  The Operator Console on the S600 features extensive self diagnostic capabilities, electronic monitoring of hydraulic system pressures (including charge pressure), and filter condition (clog indication with alarm), engine system, and fuel level. 

 The S600 features G&Z’s NoLine: Stringless Paving Preparation Kit.  NoLine integrates the use of stringless technology directly into the S600 Operator Console.  With NoLine, there is no need for any additional technology other than the stringless system sensors to be mounted on the paver.  Stringless paving technology is gaining wide spread market acceptance.  As the bidding table gets more competitive, the need for innovative solutions to reduce jobsite costs and paver profile is increasing.  With the use of stringless technology, the contractor saves money on surveying, stake driving, and string set up.  Stringless paving is one tool that can be used to make concrete more competitive in the market.

 G&Z has always been a proponent for the use of a spreader plow over an auger on its paving equipment.  A spreader plow safely moves more concrete, faster with less operating expense than an auger.   The S600 features a spreader plow system that allows for easier width changes.  There are no bolts to loosen or remove when making a width change as the track sections are held together by a single pin.  The spreader cart track is supported by two supports mounted off the S600 center module with no additional supports needed out to 24’ (7.3 m).  Each spreader car track section is light enough where it can be handled by one person without the assistance of a crane.

 As an option, the S600 can be fitted with G&Z’s proven trailing finishing pan.  Mounted off the rear of the paver under the rear walkway, the trailing finishing pan provides a proven method of finishing pavement surface and edges and ensuring that the product coming out the back of the paver is of the highest quality and smoothness.

G&Z’s S600 is backed by a world class parts and service support.  The G&Z dedicated service staff is knowledgeable about the various construction disciplines where the equipment is used.  Rapid response to a customer’s parts needs is facilitated by G&Z’s readily available stock of parts and our location in central California. There are four major international airports within 1.5 hours of the factory, allowing counter-to-counter airfreight service. Same day service is possible, depending on the time of the call.

 Other Available Options: 

  • D3 size crawler tracks in lieu of D2 size for wide paving widths and the use of a DBI
  • DBI Preparation Kit including larger 260 HP (193 kW) Cummins QSB6.7 Six Cylinder Diesel EPA Tier 3 / Euro Stage IIIA engine including the S600 being pre-wired / pre-plumbed for DBI
  • Final Finisher and supports
  • Front Tie Bar Inserter with chain feeder
  • Side Tie Bar Inserter
  • AC or DC Night Lighting Systems
  • Rear Telescopic Aluminum Walkway - folds up for transport
  • 48” (1.2m) wide Towed Trailing Finishing Pan with fixed edgers
  • Electric Poker Vibrators in lieu of hydraulic vibrators
  • Hydraulic vibrator computerized monitoring system
  • Computerized Crown / Transition Control System
  • Patented Triple Cross Slope / Anti-Torsion Control System
  • High Pressure Wash Down System
  • Split Guillotine Sideforms with Hydraulic Open / Close and Fine Width Adjustment

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