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Web-based asset tracker

Web-based asset tracker

Bullhorn Asset Tracker (BAT) is American Innovations’ web-based asset management interface for the Bullhorn Remote Monitoring System. The Bullhorn system monitors and collects data from a range of assets and provides immediate notification of alarm conditions by voice, fax, page and email. The new website allows for immediate, in-depth visibility to data gathered and delivered by Bullhorn units installed at any number of sites. Upon secure login, BAT provides an instant overview of overall and individual unit performance and allows customers to see how units are functioning via a dashboard.  Users see how many units are in “alarm” mode so that potential problems can be addressed in a timely manner, as well as “Normal,” “Interrupting” (for those units with a MicroMax Current Interrupter installed) and several other predetermined statuses. 
In addition, BAT allows customers to monitor their Bullhorn unit activity by assets.  BAT can track any combination of units and assets, making it easy to determine how equipment is performing at any given time.

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