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Three asphalt compactors from Caterpillar

Three asphalt compactors from Caterpillar

Caterpillar's CB54, CB54 XW and CB64 asphalt compactors can be used on all phases of asphalt compaction, reducing the need for a variety of rollers. They work well as a breakdown or intermediate rollers because of their high compactive forces and due to the high pounds per linear inch (PLI) exerted by these machines, they also provide excellent results when working in the finish position. Typical applications include highways, city streets, county roads, lane additions, industrial sites, overlays, airport runways and other production-sized paving jobs.

The CB54, with 1700 mm (67-inch) wide drums, provides a high static force and competes in the 8 to 11.3 metric ton class of asphalt compactors at 10 804 kg (23,818 pounds). The CB54 XW, with 2000 mm (79-inch) wide drums, is designed for wider lane paving and also competes in the 8 to 11.3 metric ton class of asphalt compactors at 11 898 kg (26,230 pounds). The CB64, with 2130 mm (84-inch) wide drums, is designed for wide width paving and provides a maximum weight of 13 740 kg (30,291 pounds). 

The new frame design provides a clear view to the drum surfaces and spray bars, allowing the operator to easily monitor water spray performance. The water spray system features a single tank, dual pumps, dual spray bars, and triple filtration that provides redundancy in the system and ensures reliable performance to keep the machine on the mat. Customers will appreciate the dual spray bar performance on polymer-modified mix designs, rubberized asphalt and other mixes that have a tendency to stick to the drums.

Depending on operating conditions, the operator can now choose between single or dual spray bar operation. The CB54 XW and CB64 models are equipped with 18 spray nozzles mounted over each drum, while the CB54 utilizes 14 nozzles. 

The five amplitude vibratory system offers a wide range of amplitudes that apply extensive amounts of force for superior performance on thick lifts and tough mix designs. Versa Vibe is a multi-purpose, vibratory system that can handle a variety of mix designs. This system provides two, high amplitude/low frequency settings for tough superpave mix designs, and two, high frequency/low amplitude settings to match higher paving speeds. The dual amplitude/dual frequency vibratory system is similar to Versa Vibe, however the dual amplitude/dual frequency system only utilizes a single amplitude with each frequency. An adjustable auto-vibe function allows the operator to determine when the vibratory system should engage upon starting out or when changing direction. 

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