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Real-time in-line viscosity instrument

TT100 in-line viscometers from Brookfield Engineering Laboratories offer new features that provide greater efficiency. The TT100 with Couette geometry now provides a way to create and communicate a new level of data for rig operators, owners and drilling fluid suppliers that is extremely valuable, and provides new efficiency while reducing time and costs.  

These viscometers, when combined with a data logging system, can provide real-time Yield Point, Plastic Viscosity and Apparent Viscosity information, which gives users the opportunity to view Power Law and other calculations continuously. This instrument, which according to Brookfield has been the workhorse of the stimulation industry for decades, has been adapted over the past few years to specifically meet the needs of drilling fluids applications. It is currently in use at various drilling sites throughout the world.  

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.  

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