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Portable hydronic heating equipment to cure concrete

Portable hydronic heating equipment to cure concrete

Thawzall’s new H150/H250 SL-series incorporate innovative HEATZONE concrete curing technology. Using a patented process to evenly distribute heat to thaw frozen ground and cure concrete in freezing climates, Thawzall’s proprietary process results in a faster, more even distribution of heat accompanied by significant fuel savings.

Over the years hydronic heat machines that were originally designed to thaw at high temperatures (180 degrees F) were modified by users in the field to provide the lower temperatures (60 to 70 degrees F) required for concrete curing. However, field experience has shown that adapting thaw machines to cure concrete results in equipment maintenance problems, poor temperature control, uneven heating of concrete and, most critically, unpredictable cure outcomes. With new HEATZONE technology, winter concreters now have the first hydronic heat machine designed from the ground up specifically to cure concrete with fingertip control of temperatures for either curing or thawing.
An important aspect of this new HEATZONE design allows the onboard furnace to operate at maximum efficiency thus minimizing carbon impact on the environment. The old method of turning down the operating temperature of onboard furnaces resulted in poor fuel economy and environmentally damaging combustion.

Electronic and visual return temperatures are monitored and displayed by the SL series machines to ensure even heating of concrete at the selected temperature. Access to temperature data allows semi-skilled operators easy control of the curing process. HEATZONE technology also allows more sophisticated operators to use maturity monitoring to control the cure process, thereby saving days of curing time over more traditional prescriptive curing methods.

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