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Indirect-fired heaters

Heatstar by Enerco is broadening its presence in the rental and construction markets with the launch of a new upgraded line of HD (Heavy-Duty) indirect-fired heaters. The new Heatstar line includes four oil-fired models ranging from 110,000 BTU/HR up to 400,000 BTU/HR of heating power. Also added to the line is a new dual-fuel 380,000 BTU/HR model that operates on either propane (LP) or natural gas.

Designed for heating enclosed building construction sites, warehouses, event tents, and other large temporary indoor spaces, Heatstar’s HD indirect-fired units each feature a powerful high-static pressure fan that can direct clean heated air through up to 100 feet of connectible ducts and a stainless steel combustion chamber to keep heated air and exhaust air separate.

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