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Scalesafe cleans tools, equipment and formwork

ScaleSafe 200 is a new, biodegradable, non-irritant and non-toxic cleaning solution specially formulated to break down the bonding materials in concrete, turning hardened cement into an easily rinsable sludge. It completely dissolves and releases concrete from the surface to which it is adhered and is also effective for cleaning scale and lime residues, and for the surface preparation of concrete, such as etching or efflorescence cleaning. The main ingredient is an organic salt which provides concrete and rust removal capabilities exceeding those of conventional mineral acids without releasing irritating vapours. ScaleSafe 200 is innocuous to humans as it is classified as a non-irritant and non-corrosive chemical. This cleaning solution easily replaces hydrochloric and phosphoric acid and outperforms all organic acids. It contains corrosion inhibitors and can be used on steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and painted surfaces. ScaleSafe 200 can also be used in many other cement related applications such as cement pumping and formwork to maintain equipment and tools clean and deposit free. Recent testing of the product for cement truck cleaning at a Montreal-based concrete production plant demonstrated that the product was extremely effective compared to the regular harsh acids used, with the added benefit of being safe for the operators and the environment. Further testing is on-going to obtain EcoLogoM certification from Environment Canada.

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