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Innovations in trailer load monitoring and braking

WABCO’s new Controller Area Network (CAN) Router and Repeater are the industry’s first application of high-speed data transmission using CAN in-vehicle communications to improve braking performance of trailers. The CAN Router provides faster transmission of braking signals and other data such as information on cargo weight for truck-trailer combinations with two or more trailers equipped with EBS (electronic braking systems). WABCO’s new CAN Repeater enables faster electronic transmission of braking signals in extra long trailers that are used to transport over-sized cargo such as construction materials. The new CAN Router and Repeater mark the latest innovations in WABCO’s industry-leading Trailer EBS series that was launched in 1998. As of 2008, WABCO has sold more than 843,000 trailer electronic braking systems worldwide.

WABCO also has a breakthrough technology in load monitoring for trailers.

The new technology is part of the Truck Cargo Weight Control (TCWC) project recently initiated by the Swedish government to help develop active road safety systems.

Together with Volvo, the Swedish Road Authority and the Swedish Fleet Organization, WABCO has developed an innovative solution for remote load monitoring in heavy trucks and trailers. With WABCO’s new Controller Area Network (CAN) Router technology, WABCO enables real-time monitoring of cargo weight in truck-trailer combinations with one or more trailers via remote mobile devices.

“WABCO is an ideal partner for Volvo in this challenging technical project, given WABCO’s track record of breakthrough technologies for trailer systems,” said Carl Johan Almqvist, Volvo Trucks, Traffic and Product Safety Director.