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Front-mounted self-propelled broom

The Challenger V front-mounted self-propelled broom is powered by an 80-HP Caterpillar diesel engine with responsive hydrostatic drive. Series 90 hydraulics provide superior power and performance. Challenger V’s seven-foot Sweepster brush system makes changing the brush core easy and quick. The new joystick controls put all brush functions at the operator’s fingertips. The Challenger V broom also features a two-door ROPS cab with tinted safety glass to provide the operator with a safe environment and excellent visibility of the work area. The Challenger V features lock in place full access side wing doors on both sides of the engine compartment for easy access for maintenance and service. Ergonomics are improved in the operator area with a new steering wheel pedestal and console. Designed for maneuverability, the Challenger V has a sweep angle of +/- 40 degrees and its rear steering allows the unit to pivot around its own centre, providing an inside turning radius of three feet.