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Distributor for cold emulsified materials

Rayner Equipment Systems introduces the RaynMaker, a fully self-contained distributor designed to apply cold emulsi-fied material. The RaynMaker will also apply emulsions containing fine crushed aggregates. The RaynMaker features a full sweep internal mixer, diesel engine, independent hydraulic system and a GPS rate controller to help assure consistent application rates.

Totally self-contained means there are no hydraulics to hook up, no hoses to attach, no wiring to splice in, and no power take-off issues. The RaynMaker has its own storage tank, engine, hydraulics, digital controls, pumping systems, material filters and spray bar. The RaynMaker stores flat on any level service. When ready to go, load the RaynMaker onto an existing flatbed truck, dump truck or trailer and bind it down. The RaynMaker begins with a full sweep helical mixing system, necessary to assure proper suspension of fine aggregates in the chosen emulsion mix. The mixer is driven hydraulically through a direct drive system, with no chains or sprockets to break and no chain guards to worry about.