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In today’s market of rising material costs, mining and quarrying operations are searching for solutions to blasting challenges and looking for ways to increase efficiencies and lower operating costs. For more than a decade, Advanced Blasting Technology, Inc. (ABTI) has provided leading edge, non-explosive technologies designed to deliver more reliable blasting results, enhanced material fragmentation and optimized operational safety. At the core of the ABTI product line is RockLock, a high tensile, pliable plastic sphere that reduces and controls the random variables leading to borehole venting and stemming ejection. By improving confinement, RockLock improves aggregate fragmentation, enables the explosive to be loaded higher into cap rock and greatly reduces fly rock occurrences for a higher degree of safety. RockLock also delivers greater confinement for enhanced vibration control when used in decking applications. Offering a more reliable way to ignite non-electric detonators, ABTI’s Surefire shock tube initiator is compact, lightweight and extremely durable. Featuring a replaceable tip, Surefire is capable of firing thousands of shots on a single battery. Unlike shotgun igniters that can allow carbon buildup that potentially causes misfires, Surefire generates a small but highly percussive discharge directly inside the shock tube for greater reliability. ABTI also offers a new and improved method for detonator identification. Their exclusive process permanently embeds a unique I.D. code into the detonator’s shell that cannot be tampered with or removed. These identifiers can aid blasting customers in diagnostics for post-blast investigations. In areas where enhanced traceability and security are of extreme importance and serial numbering is a requirement, this unique identification system offers a solution that cannot be scratched off, reducing the chance of theft.

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