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Tire pressure monitoring system pays for itself in reduced tire wear

The new Doran 360HD Tire Pressure Monitoring System provides the driver ‘at- a-glance’ status updates with a new patent-pending, “Green Means GOOD” indicator. This next generation system monitors up to 36 tires for truck, tractor and trailer applications with wireless tire pressure sensors that are screwed on to the valve stems and transmit a signal to a monitor in the cab. The driver is alerted through multiple alarm types (audible, location, pressure and warning symbol) and a new “Fast Leak” alarm so that low tire-pressure problems can be addressed and costly breakdowns and repairs eliminated. The system works with traditional dual-wheel configuration or wide-base single configuration, and is ideal for fleets of all types and sizes. Installation can be accomplished in about an hour per truck/trailer. A simple to understand and operate monitor includes digital LCD screen with backlit display and comes equipped with four-way navigational buttons. A patent-pending “sleep” mode ensures that the vehicle stays protected at all times. With this unique feature, tire pressures are monitored, but potential warnings are withheld until the driver turns the ignition on in the morning. Tire Industry Safety Council studies have shown that nearly half of all tires are under inflated. Tires which are under-inflated by 10 percent loose up to 12 percent of their tread life, and at 20 percent under-inflation the tread life loss is nearly 23 percent. Nearly 83 percent of tire problems begin with low tire pressure, which causes premature tire wear and increased operating costs.

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