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Slotted insulated screwdrivers

Weidmuller has introduced three new slotted insulated screwdrivers. The SDI 0.4x2.0x60 features a narrower tip than previous models, and will be included in a new six piece set, SDIS 2.0 - 5.5. Two other new insulated screwdrivers, the SDI 1.0x4.5x175 and the SDI 1.0x5.5x175, each feature a blade that is two inches longer to extend the user’s reach. Weidmuller’s new line of insulated screwdrivers are safe for working in applications up to 1500 volts DC and 1000 volts AC, with protective insulation molded directly on the screwdriver blade. In addition to the three new insulated screwdrivers, a new six-piece un-insulated set, SDS 2.0 - 5.5, is available. As with all Weidmuller screwdrivers, these new products feature a SoftFinish grip design, created to prevent slipping, enable maximum torque, and provide comfortable handling. Weidmuller’s eight new slotted electric torque screwdriver bits are made from high quality, CVM-steel to ensure a long service life when used at high torque values.

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