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Waterproofing technology

InfiniShield leverages Hycrete’s integral waterproofing technology to offer moisture protection for grout, mortar, and stucco. Additionally, it provides stain resistance, efflorescence control, reduced moisture absorption, freeze-thaw protection, and enhanced durability. InfiniShield is suited for both commercial and residential projects and is specially formulated based on Hycrete’s core waterproofing admixture, Hycrete Element, which has been used in more than 120 construction projects worldwide. Element is part of the larger Hycrete IntegraTek Waterproofing System, which combines service with the admixture to deliver water-tight concrete structures. The IntegraTek System eliminates the need for conventional external membranes typically used to waterproof concrete, which often emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are composed of non-renewable materials.

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