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First web-based tilt-up software

Created by experts with more than 30 years of tilt-up design expertise and refined based on 10 years of user experience, Tilt-Werks is the first web-based software application designed specifically for the tilt-up industry. The collaborative software bridges the needs of architects, engineers, material suppliers and contractors through a sophisticated interface that can be used to design, track and access project data. Unique in that it creates engineered design drawings instead of just model rendering, engineering data and building geometry is input into the software to generate a complete tilt-up design and construction package. Panels are designed after entering wall geometry and design requirements, and the program automatically generates detailed drawings including panel features such as reveals and form liners, weld plate locations and details, reinforcing steel shop drawings, bar cut lists, material takeoffs and more – all of which can be shared with team members. The interface also allows panel costs to be calculated for accurate estimates. Users enter their material cost data and the application will generate per square foot cost data. Further, Tilt-Werks manages material lists and shares them instantly with suppliers for cost estimates and just-in-time take-off information.

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