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Sun provides stimulus to the quality of care

Today, the quality of care delivery is dependent on the way medical orders, diagnoses and treatments are processed. The ability to have real-time and secure access to patient information and a holistic view of single patient data is critical to a core provider’s workflow and productivity. With the smart use of technology, organizations can fundamentally improve the quality of care by: reducing medical errors; advancing longitudinal connectivity between care providers; and, minimizing unproductive healthcare expenditures and duplicated efforts.

At e-Health 2009, Sun Microsystems of Canada Inc. will showcase three key solutions that demonstrate how healthcare providers can deliver hospitals’ information systems directly to the point of care.

1. Caregiver Mobility: Sun Ray ultrathin client technology and Sun’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure allow users to access any application when meeting with patients while keeping confidential data safe and secure in the data centre.

2. Security and Compliance: Sun’s Identity Management solution enables users to manage staff identities, access and roles across applications for security while meeting compliance requirements.

3. Health Information Exchange: Sun’s Service Orientated Architecture approach preserves existing IT investments while enabling a seamless presentation of integrated electronic health records for secure and more efficient information exchange across entities.

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