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Smart tools for better decision support

Emerald Health Information Systems provides web-based Decision Support software solutions for healthcare facilities. Dynaboard Hospital Intelligence Tool streamlines the monitoring and analysis of performance and volume indicators. Dynamine workload measurement software, together with Dynaworks methodology, target patient acuity and staff utilization in nursing and allied health services. Emerald Health Information Systems • Booth 627 #1124 Healthcare management consultants Beacon Partners coaches organizations in the healthcare community on the development of strategies that maximize Enterprise Yield – the alignment of people, processes and technologies. They have assisted health-care organizations in efficiently moving stalled and delayed IT projects forward, preventing associated hidden costs and lost employee productivity. Beacon Partners can optimize and extend clients’ IT investment with remarkable results. They also have a deep knowledge of how to integrate a vendor’s solution into healthcare operations.

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97 Libbey Parkway, Suite 310
Weymout, MA
US, 02189


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