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DensDeck ideal for commercial applications

DensDeck Roof Board is an exceptional fire barrier, thermal barrier and recovery board used in various commercial roofing systems.The patented design employs glass mat facings front and back that are embedded into a water-resistant gypsum core, providing fire resistance, moisture resistance and wind uplift properties. The unique construction of DensDeck provides superior flute spanning that stiffens and provides increased foot traffic resistance to the roof deck.

Additionally, DensDeck has been shown to withstand delamination, deterioration, warping and job-site damage more effectively than roofing membrane substrates such as paperfaced gypsum board, fibreboard and perlite insulation. DensDeck resists the growth of mold and mildew.

Roof system manufacturers and designers have found DensDeck Roof Board to be compatible with many types of roofing systems, including: built-up, modified bitumen, single ply, metal systems, wood shingle and shake, tile, slate, recover board, as well as an overlayment protection board for polyisocyanurate and polystyrene insulation.

DensDeck can also be used as a form board for poured gypsum concrete deck in roof applications as well as a substrate for spray foam roofing systems. Half-inch and 5/8-inch DensDeck may also be used in vertical applications as a backer board or liner for the roof side of parapet walls. Panels must be kept dry before, during and after installation.

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