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Conventional generators

Subaru’s line of conventional generators, the RGX2900, RGX3600,RGX4800 and RGX4800E, use Subaru EX series overhead cam engines, with maximum outputs ranging between 2,900 and 4,800 Watts. The RGV6100, RGV6100E, RGV7500, RGV7500E, RGV12100 and RGV13100T use Subaru EH series overhead valve engines. Maximum outputs for the RGV line range from 5,800 to 13,000 Watts. Each engine series is highly efficient, allowing for less fuel consumption and greater run times while meeting or exceeding environmental standards. An automatic idle control comes standard on most conventional models to lower the engine speed when no electrical power is needed, which further lessens fuel consumption while minimizing noise. Sound-suppressing air cleaners paired with an extra-large muffler also contribute to quieter operation.

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