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Self propelled utility plow

Self propelled utility plow
Bron crawlers are available with static or vibratory plows for the direct burial of underground utilities including telephone, electrical, conduit, gas and water lines.

The Bron 150 crawler with offsetting vibratory plows is designed for the installation of fibre optics, copper cable, conduit and pipe at working depths up to 60 inches. Vibratory plows are ideal for installations in all conditions or where tractive power is limited, and can be used as a static plow when ground conditions permit. Standard features include front and rear swing, main lift, attitude, and blade lift adjustment cylinders to maintain plowing integrity in the toughest conditions. The crawler features a Cat 210 hp engine with hydrostatic 2-speed automatic, variable speed track drive with a D4 undercarriage and comes with an 8,000-pound standard lift capacity reel carrier.

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