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Mining haulage trucks

Mining haulage trucks
The Haulmax product range has been designed for mining haulage requirements that are outside the range of traditional dump trucks, require superior grade ability and traction, require sustained downhill braking, operate under vehicle width restrictions, require alternative dump configuration, and have axle load limitations on secondary haul roads.

Three models are available: the 3900-G cab chassis and 3900-D have a payload of 80,000 to 85,000 kilograms; the 3900-D has body capacities of between 40 and 90 cubic metres. The 3900-T boasts body capacities of between 50 and 110 cubic metres and a payload of 135,000 kg.

Haulmax products incorporate an all-Caterpillar powertrain. Approximately 97 percent of the consumable spares are Caterpillar, and specific parts are available through the Cat parts system

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91 Terra Nova Drive
Wynyard, TA
AU, 7325


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