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Internet fax program saves paper, power and time

Internet fax program saves paper, power and time
When you make your living helping customers take advantage of renewable energy sources instead of living on the power grid, you want to be sure your own business practices match that mission. Yet this belief created a dilemma for D.J. MacIntyre, president and founder of Le Boisé Alternatives, a builder that specializes in installing renewable energy sources in Quebec and Ontario.

Faxes are still used frequently in the construction business to submit bids, finalize contracts, place orders for materials and more. Yet MacIntyre knew that because fax machines are always on, drawing power whether they are in use or not, they don’t fit the definition of environmentally-friendly – or cost efficient. After calculating what it was costing him to run a fax machine 24/7, he began looking into an alternative of his own – Internet faxing. This investigation led him to MyFax.

MyFax gives him the ability to send and receives faxes via his laptop or Blackberry anywhere he happens to be – even in remote, off-the-grid locations. Signing up only takes a few minutes, and a new fax number is operational within a half hour. “The nice thing is I didn’t have to download any special software,” Mac-Intyre said. “When a fax comes in, I receive an e-mail notification on my laptop and Blackberry. I can preview it and decide whether to open it or respond to it now or later. Having the fax come in as a PDF rather than in some proprietary format makes it easier to see, and to store electronically if I need to. It’s extremely convenient.”