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Self dumping bins for faster and safer clean-up

Self dumping bins for faster and safer clean-up
Construction companies gain productivity and a safer working environment with new self-dumping bins distributed by Cherokee Erecting. The new contractor-designed product comes in one-, two-, three- and four-yard models. The new product keeps workers out of the dumpster when they remove rigging from a crane used to hoist a clean-up bin. With broken glass, lumber, nails and other job site debris in dumpsters, keeping workers out of this dangerous environment should be a top priority for construction companies. Also, the six- to eight-foot sides of most roll-off dumpsters are too high for workers to jump from without risking ankle injuries, especially in wet or icy conditions. The Cherokee design offers a sloped side for ease of loading and offers hands-off dumping after the loaded bin is attached to the crane. Once the loaded self-dumping bin is lowered into a construction site dumpster, the crane operator cables down allowing the lifting arm to lay back. When the arm reaches the back of the bin, there is a dog bone which swivels to lock the arm in place. The crane operator can then cable up to dump the debris. The bin is then carried away in the vertical position to the next location. When it’s lowered to the ground, the slope on the front automatically lays it into the correct position. Then construction personnel can remove it from the hoisting mechanism.

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