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Fluid analysis tests in as little as 10 minutes

A new portable fluid analysis kit allows operators and inspectors to easily conduct on-site particulate and water analysis. It allows for the quick and reliable assignment of a three-digit cleanliness code per ISO 4406-1999 to a given fluid sample. Samples are collected in a 25 ml fluid sample bottle through a patch membrane filter. The oil sample particle distribution can be compared with the Fluid Cleanliness Comparison Guide (included) to assign an ISO code. Also included is a water test kit that can be used to determine the percentage of water in hydraulic and lubrication oils. The Advanced Technologicalwater test kit has five ranges from 0.005 to 12 percent water. Measurements can be Industry Specifiin parts per million or as a percentage of Superior Ride volume.

The Portable Fluid Analysis Kit gives users Maintenance Cost excellent visual representation of the contaminants in the oil. The test, which can be conducted in as little as 10 minutes, is an excellent alternative to expensive portable electronic devices.

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