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Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas Inc. - HL780-9A Wheel Loaders

When it comes to moving material, nothing gets the job done like a Hyundai Wheel Loader. You might need to load a truck or haul gravel, move lumber or debris. No matter what your project, these rugged, high-performance machines are the fast, efficient way to get more work done.

With the 9-Series Wheel Loaders, you benefit from high-quality Hyundai construction matched with our Hi-mate remote management technology, easy-maintenance features that reduce machine downtime and service costs, extended-life components that can go as much as 5,000 hours between changes. They are truly hard-working, budget-friendly machines.

Features & Benefits

Eco-friendly Cummins QSX11.9 Engine

Built on a heritage of reliability and durability, Cummins QSX11.9 for Tier 4 Interim / EU Stage3-B regulations takes a major step forward with the introduction of a High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) fuel system.

Fully Automatic Transmission

Fully automatic transmission designed for maximum durability, minimum power loss, improved travel speed and low noise. Improved clutch control and minimized shifting shock when traveling contribute to a smoother ride.

Operator Comfort

Operating a 9A series wheel loader is unique to every operator. Operators can fully customize their work environment and operating preferences to fit their individual needs.

Smart Key System (Option)

9A series excavators provide smart key system as an option. This allows the operator to start the engine by the push of a starter button without inserting a key in the ignition.


9A series is designed to maximize profitability through improved efficiencies, enhanced service features and longer life components.

Full Fenders and Mud Guards (Option)

9A series wheel loaders can be equipped with optional full rear mud guards to reduce material splatter to the cab and machine frame.

Extended Life Components

The 9A series is designed for longer lubrication intervals and extended component life. Long life hydraulic filters now have 1,000 hours service intervals and Hyundai certified hydraulic oil can last up to 5,000 hours before changing.

Hi-mate (Remote Management System)

Hi-mate, Hyundai's proprietary remote management system, provides operators and dealer service personnel access to vital service and diagnostic information on the machine from any computer with internet access.

Company Info

6100 Atlantic Blvd.
Norcross, GA
US, 30071


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