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Journey Manpack Satellite Terminals

The 0.9m Journey Manpack is a high-performance, ultra-portable satellite terminal designed for military and commercial applications. The Journey Manpack comes in a lightweight, airline checkable, single backpack and provides unmatched durability, maximum portability, HD video and IP transmission and 4+hours of continuous runtime with battery pack.

Features & Benefits

Portable and Reliable

The Journey Manpack is a highly integrated complete solution including a compact, segmented antenna system, BUC, LNB, optional modem, comprehensive alignment tools, and a single backpack.


The Journey Manpack is optionally equipped with Norsat’s Satellite Acquisition Assistant (SAA) that provides everything necessary to easily point, peak, and acquire a satellite.


The Journey Manpack is MIL-STD-810G compliant and has been built to operate in harsh and hostile environments. All of Norsat’s portable satellite terminals are designed for durability and to withstand tough military applications.