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KCMA Corporation (Kawasaki Wheel Loaders)

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Consider the KCM difference. It starts with Kawasaki Heavy Industries, the parent company of KCMA and a global leader in providing innovative technology solutions for more than 100 years. KCMA’s commitment to maintaining a leadership position – in technology, service and support – combined with its dedicated focus, since 1962, on articulated wheel loaders, translates to unmatched benefits for you and your business. Comprehensive solutions, quality products, a track record of raising the bar– it’s the Kawasaki difference! 15 Models - .78 – 13.5 cu. yd. - 45 – 721 HP

KCMA’s Compact Wheel Loaders 42ZV-2 & 45ZV-2

KCMA’s Utility Loaders 62Z7, 67Z7, 70Z7, 80Z7

KCM Production Class Loaders 85Z7, 90Z7, 92Z7

KCM Quarry & Mining Loaders 95Z7, 115Z7, 135ZV-2

KCM Special Applications Loaders – Scrap & Recycling, Hot Slag, Logging, Dairy & Agriculture

KCM’s XTreme Machines – 95Z7XT, 115Z7XT

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KCM Introduces 80Z7 Tier 4 Final Wheel Loader

KCM Corporation, a subsidiary of Hitachi Construction Machinery Group and marketers of KCM loaders in North America, is proud to announce the Tier 4 Final version of their popular 80Z7. The new 80Z7 cycles faster. It is more powerful. It has near zero emissions. And, it is designed to be even more fuel efficient than previous models. It is equipped with a 4.2 cu. yd. GP bucket, and produces 200 gross hp. from the reliable Cummins QSB6.7 diesel engine. Key to these performance breakthroughs is the industry‐exclusive KCM IntelliTech Operating System that provides sophisticated control of all systems.

Kawasaki 67Z7 wheel loader

The Kawasaki KCM 67Z7 can be equipped with a 3.1-cubic-yard (2.4-cubic-metre) general purpose bucket for material densities between 2,800 and 3,000 lbs/cy. For loose materials between 2,600 and 2,800 lbs/cy, the 67Z7 has a 3.5-cubic-yard (2.7-cubic-metre) material handling bucket.

KCMA introduces 90Z7 Tier 4 Final Kawasaki‐KCM wheel loader

KCMA Corporation, the marketer for Kawasaki‐KCM wheel loaders in North America, has announced their first entry into the Tier 4 Final wheel loader market. Following the success of the 90Z7 Tier 4i wheel loader, this new loader offers additional features engineered to provide increased efficiency, and productivity. With the return to Cummins engines, the Cummins QSL9 provides 275 net horsepower and is DPF-free. The SCR technology implemented in this model runs cleaner and requires less maintenance while providing an additional fuel savings over the Tier 4i model. DEF fluid consumption remains low at under 3 percent of fuel usage.

Kawasaki-KCM 67TM7 and 70TM7 Task Master Toolcarriers

KCMA Corporation, the marketing and distribution agency for Kawasaki‐KCM wheel loaders in North America, held the company’s yearly Sonoran Roundup and Demo days for dealers and customers, through the first week of November. At this year’s event, the company officially announced the acquisition by Hitachi Construction Equipment of KCM (Kawasaki Construction Machinery), along with the debut of new models and upgrades to existing model articulated wheel loaders.

KCMA 95Z7 and 115Z7 XTreme wheel loaders with 2-pass configuration

KCMA Corporation has introduced the 95Z7XTreme and 115Z7XTreme wheel loaders to their Kawasaki-KCM Z7 wheel loader line. In the past two years there has been a demand for a “short boom,” “load and carry,” or “2- Pass” configuration loader, the company reports. KCM designed these loaders in conjunction with the Tier 4 Interim loaders introduced in 2013. However, selection of the 2-pass configuration is dependent upon the site’s production demand. It’s not just about the bucket, the truck sizes or the material density. All of these factor into the decision.

Kawasaki Introduces New 80Z7 Wheel Loader

KCMA, has announced the all new 80Z7. This 4.2 cubic yard (3.2 cubic meter) wheel loader is totally redesigned to incorporate the KCM IntelliTech family of features along with numerous other changes that improve overall Efficiency, Productivity, Intelligence and Comfort. The new 80Z7 meets all EPA Tier 4i emission levels by utilizing a DPF/EGR design with the 193 net horsepower Cummins QSB6.7 diesel engine. This proven engine works with a five speed transmission for excellent power and performance. The open‐center, load sensing, excavator style hydraulic system improves fuel consumption and hydraulic performance. Standard Limited Slip Differentials resist wheel spin and avoid tires slippage in most applications.

Kawasaki Introduces New 95Z7 Wheel Loader

KCMA Corporation is proud to announce the all new 95Z7 wheel loader. This outstanding machine is completely redesigned to meet all EPA Tier 4i emission standards as well as to improve operating efficiency and productivity. At 388 net horsepower and equipped with a 7.3 cubic yard General Purpose bucket, this production class loader is a pace setter in the industry.

Kawasaki Introduces the 115Z7 Wheel Loader 8.3 cu. yd. loader

Kawasaki wheel loaders has announced the all new 115Z7 wheel loader, completely redesigned to meet all EPA Tier 4i emission standards as well as to improve operating efficiency and productivity. At 531 net horsepower and equipped with an 8.3 cubic yard General Purpose bucket, The new 115Z7 is a brute. Engineered for demanding applications and environments found in Quarry and Shotrock, Coil Handling, Hot Slag, Steel Mills, and Asphalt Plants, the 115Z7 performs flawlessly. Its 16-liter Tier4i Isuzu engine and uncannily smart “IntelliTech” system optimizes performance.

70Z7 wheel loader's intelligence works behind the scenes

Kawasaki’s model 70Z7, like all of the most recently introduced Z7 series wheel loaders, has retained its IntelliTech and QuickCycle functions, as well as its FlexShift feature. Unlike larger-sized models in the series, the 70Z7’s intelligence works behind the scenes, so that many of its operations perform without human intervention. Its high-intensity LCD monitor, straightforward dash arrangement, and intuitive systems make it ideal for rental purposes as well as operations where operator skills run the spectrum.

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