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Future Point Systems, Inc.

Address 11703 Bowman Green Drive, Reston, VA, 20190, US
Phone 650-931-8660
Fax 509-946-5800
Website futurepointsystems.com

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Generate information from vast amounts of data

Future Point Systems, Inc. has licensed the rights to market Starlight VIS (Visual Information Systems) to corporations, law enforcement agencies, military organizations and others who have a need to extract new value from very large quantities of heterogeneous data. The Starlight system, comprised of the Starlight Server, Starlight Client, and Starlight XML Engineering Environment (XEE), enables users to comprehend information and solve problems by generating pictures of relationships among items in large data repositories. Containing multiple integrated visualization tools, the system can integrate text documents, database records, Web pages, geospatial data, video and photos, and other types of information to create awareness in situations of high complexity or uncertainty. Already used by Fortune 500 companies as well as government agencies, Starlight VIS allows analysts to work with nearly unlimited variety of data types.