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DEGLAS Acrylic Building Products

Address 180 Attwell Drive, Suite 101, Toronto, M9W 6A9
Phone 1-888-2-DEGLAS
Fax 905-677-3871
Website deglasamericas.com/greenhouse/index.html

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Heat insulating acrylic for greater energy savings

Made from impact-modified acrylic (poly-methyl methacrylate, or PMMA) polymer, DEGLAS Highlux High Impact acrylic is heat insulating for greater energy savings and is highly weather resistant against wind, sun, storm and hail damage. Innovation and development in strength and rigidity allow Highlux, a double-skinned sheet with exceptional light transmission and optical clarity, to be manufactured with 1/3 the number of interior ribs than that of 16 mm DEGLAS High Impact acrylic.