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Moxy Trucks of America

Address Elnesvågen, 6440, NO
Phone +47 71 26 85 00
Fax +47 71 26 85 51
Email [email protected]
Website doosanmoxy.com/dmal

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Artic hauls up to 31.5 yards

The MT41 is the latest model to join the PlusOne Concept of Moxy trucks, joining the MT26, MT31 and the MT36 II. It is equipped with a Scania DC 12, watercooled, unit injected diesel engine with turbo charger and air-to-air intercooler.

MT36 articulated truck

Moxy has a unique independent front suspension (which allows for free movement on one side without movement on the opposite side) giving maximum ground contact and shock absorption comfort. The turning ring located in front of the swing point also gives equal weight distribution to the front-axle wheels during maximum turning.