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Basemate Ladder Levelling Systems Inc.

The BASE MATE Easy Connect attaches to most, aluminum and wood ladders of any width and is excellent for use on uneven landings, or outdoors where the ground is uneven or rocky. Tested to most requirements of, and weight tested to type 1A USA and Grade 1 CDN ladder requirements, the BASE MATE features a hardened steel arch, which is firmly held by a unique triple action locking system and the Easy Connect attachment arms which attach to the ladder rungs. Simply attach the unit and once installed tap on the release lever with your foot and the weight of the ladder drops, allowing the BASE MATE’s arch to slide and make the ladder plumb.

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Basemate ladder leveller

The Basemate ladder leveller is designed to offer a solution to wobbly, unsafe ladder setups for both professionals and “do it yourselfers”. The product provides a wider, more stable platform, and quickly adjusts to uneven terrain. The Basemate is weight-tested to 1,200 pounds, and exceeds Grade 1 CDN and type 1A USA ladder requirements.