Beka-Lube Products Inc.

2830 Argentia Road, Unit 9
Mississauga, ON
CA, L5N 8G4

Beka-Lube, along with its Beka-Max of America division in the U.S., are North America’s source for Beka-branded central lubrication systems by Baier+Köppel GmbH as well as a growing range of lubrication and maintenance products for heavy equipment.

Beka-Lube and Beka-Max of America specialize in custom solutions that take the time, effort and waste out of routine lubrication requirements. BEKA is an industry- leading name in oil and grease pumps, as it has been since 1927. No one offers a wider range of lubrication systems and technology. And no one offers a deeper range of experience in matching the right solution to your application.

Our new MATO products complement BEKA systems with professional-grade manual, pneumatic and electrically powered grease guns and sprayers for technicians in the shop and in the field.

For mobile construction equipment, processing machinery, heavy-duty hydraulic breakers, lifting booms and more, Beka-Lube is here to help you run easy, run longer, every working day.

BEKA-MAX central lubrication systems are engineered to pump EP2 shop grease to all service points automatically, even in temperatures down to -13°F/-25°C.

BEKA-MAX distribution blocks can be installed to allow single-point manual lubrication, ready for an easy upgrade to automatic lubrication any time.

Beka-Lube and Beka-Max of America ensure responsive customer service and field support with factory-trained technicians throughout North America.

The MATO line of professional grease guns includes manual, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrically operated models to suit every shop and field application.

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