The rich history of innovation that Caterpillar acquired with the purchase of Bucyrus International

by Keith Haddock

The takeover of Bucyrus International, Inc. by Caterpillar, Inc. is sn $8.6-billion deal brings together two giants of the industry, and establishes Caterpillar Global Mining at Oak Creek, Wisconsin, the former headquarters of Bucyrus.

To view the rich heritage of one of America’s innovative and most famous industrial equipment manufacturers, let’s take a walk back through the history of the company.

Known as Bucyrus-Erie Company prior to 1997, and Bucyrus Company prior to 1927, Bucyrus International Inc. boasts an unmatched heritage of specialization in the mining and construction equipment manufacturing industries. From the smallest yard crane to some of the largest machines on earth, no other company has produced such a wide variety of types and sizes of excavating machines. Its floating dredges, tractor equipment, cable excavators, hydraulic excavators, drills, cranes, walking draglines, bucket wheel excavators, and other special equipment are all part of the Bucyrus heritage that is now Caterpillar’s.

For the past 25 years or so, Bucyrus has been better known in the surface mining industry than in construction. That’s because the mid 1980s recession took a toll on most industrial manufacturing companies and Bucyrus-Erie was no exception. The company was forced to change direction and realign its products to those serving only the surface mining industry; products for which it enjoyed little competition. It consequently sold off manufacturing rights to all its construction-related products, including loader backhoes, hydraulic excavators, cranes and cable excavators, and concentrated on products such as giant walking draglines, electric shovels and blast hole drills.

In recent years, the boom in surface mining around the world allowed Bucyrus to expand rapidly and undertake some strategic acquisitions to bolster its mining product lines. Beginning in 1988, it purchased the walking dragline assets of Ransomes & Rapier Ltd. in England. Then in 1997 it purchased its major competitor, Marion Power Shovel Company, allowing access to patents and designs of Marion surface mining machines in the same industry that Bucyrus already served. More recently it purchased DBT Engineering in Germany in 2007, providing Bucyrus with an extensive range of underground mining equipment, a new area for the company.

In 2009. Bucyrus expanded even further by purchasing the mining equipment business of Terex Corporation. This deal included Terex hydraulic excavators (previously known as O&K), a range of electric drive haul trucks (still marketed today as Unit Rig), an increased range of drills, and the SHM Highwall Miner, a machine that extracts coal from the exposed seams in high walls at surface mine boundaries.

Throughout Bucyrus’ history, and now continued by Caterpillar, research and development efforts continue to add new products and improve established product lines with a focus on reducing the cost per ton of material moved.

Get the full story of Bucyrus history and its extensive product lines in Keith Haddock’s book, “Bucyrus Heavy Equipment – Construction and Mining Machines 1880 – 2008”. Includes spectacular photos from Bucyrus’ archives, and describes every product the company made from early railroad machines to the giant electric mining shovels, walking draglines and drills of today. Card bound 8 1/4” x 10 3/4”. 456 b&w photos. Signed copies available from the author. Send $44.95 cheque or M.O. (covers shipping and taxes) to: Park Communications, 505 Hegler Crescent, Edmonton, Alberta, T6R 1T3, or phone 780-434-2840 for more information.


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Volvo Road Institute registration open for 2014-2015 courses

Volvo Road Institute
Volvo Road Institute

Volvo Construction Equipment has announced the 2014 – 2015 course schedule for Road Institute. The paving industry’s premier training program is celebrating 50 years of providing practical instruction and hands-on learning to road building industry professionals.

Road Institute offers two- to five-day training sessions beginning in mid-October 2014 through May 2015. Courses are conducted by professional instructors with decades of firsthand field and teaching experience in various paving and compaction projects.

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Equipment Management & Maintenance

GO-Stations Go Operational in Canada’s Arctic

  • GO-Station with doors open
    GO-Station with doors open
  • GO-Station working at remote mine
    GO-Station working at remote mine

The first three GO-Stations are now operational in Canada’s high arctic at an undisclosed remote mine site. Built inside ISO containers, SEI GO-Stations are capable of providing everything needed to receive and transfer fuel from any bulk fuel storage system. Used to refuel vehicles and aircraft, GO-Stations provide a controlled, protected environment to house pumping, filtration, metering and dispensing equipment.

Designed to withstand the challenges and wild weather of remote locations, the GO-Station is compatible with diesel fuel, jet fuel or lube oils (future models will also allow gas).

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Ground Penetrating Radar

multiVIEW to Showcase RoadMap Technology at 2014 APWA International Congress

multiVIEW, a professional services firm that specializes in near-surface geophysics has announced that it will be showcasing its patented RoadMap Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology at the upcoming APWA International Congress & Expo, Booth #1643, August 17th-20th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

GPR is increasingly being adopted across the nation and around the globe as a rapid, cost-effective method to examine the subsurface conditions of roads and bridges, providing important insights into deterioration, cracking, delamination, corrosion and other factors that affect structural integrity. It is especially effective in northern communities where cold climates and frequent salting pose a threat to infrastructure reliability. And with much of Canada’s transportation infrastructure in need of rehabilitation and repair, GPR is providing a non-invasive technique to pick up on subsurface anomalies before they become an issue.

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Scales & Weighing


Fairbanks Scales, Inc., offers the Trident Truck Scale with Intalogix Technology. The fully electronic, heavy capacity Trident scale is built with advanced methods for superior structural integrity, producing a longer-lasting scale with consistently reliable and accurate performance. The scale, which is built to federal bridge standards, can be shipped from the factory and installed in one day.

The Trident Truck Scale features a factory-poured and steam-cured concrete deck for permanent above ground or shallow pit type use. The engineered 8,000 psi concrete, finished under American Concrete Institute (ACI) guidelines, wears better than steel, resulting in a longer-lasting scale.

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Hirschmann’s new iSCALE Control System installed on Altec boom truck

  • Altec - AC45-127S telescopic boom truck
    Altec - AC45-127S telescopic boom truck
  • Hirschmann vSCALE D3 console
    Hirschmann vSCALE D3 console

Hirschmann's Mobile Machine Control Solutions (MCS) division is pleased to announce that Altec has begun outfitting their AC45-127S telescopic boom truck with the new Hirschmann iSCALE Control System. The Load Moment and Area Protection system, known as Altec’s LMAP system, consists of a complete Hirschmann system package which includes the vSCALE D3 display, cSCALE S6 control unit, and various sensors.

Hirschmann customized the programming of the LMAP system to meet Altec’s specific requirements. The console features a bright 7” color display with video capability and intuitive menu navigation. The crane operator can view all crane information including general configuration, crane geometry and engine parameters. The operator can also define audible alarm set points (Area Protection) and numerous user warnings which help to improve awareness on the job site.

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Connor, Clark & Lunn Infrastructure Invests in Sakwi Creek Hydro Project

Connor, Clark & Lunn Infrastructure has announced an investment in the 5.5 megawatt Sakwi Creek Hydro Project, a run-of-river hydro-electric project located just northwest of Agassiz, British Columbia. Connor, Clark & Lunn Infrastructure and its partner, WindRiver Power Corporation (WindRiver), also announced the closing of approximately $17 million in long-term debt financing for the Project, the first in a portfolio of hydro projects that Connor, Clark & Lunn Infrastructure and WindRiver expect to finance together.

"We are delighted to be investing alongside our development partner, WindRiver, in this high quality, long-life infrastructure asset," said Matt O'Brien, President of Connor, Clark & Lunn Infrastructure. "We would also like to thank Sts'ailes First Nation for its ongoing support of the Project", Mr. O'Brien added. "We look forward to expanding our portfolio of hydro assets in B.C. in the years to come."

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Loaders / Toolcarriers

New Volvo H-Series Wheel Loader's

The new Volvo L110H and L120H wheel loaders are among the company’s most environmental and fuel-efficient machines to date. The company’s latest generation of machines for the 18-22 ton class, they are powered by an 8-liter Tier 4 Final/Stage IV-certified engine with fully automatic regeneration that combines high performance with low emissions and low fuel consumption.

The fuel efficiency of the Volvo D8J engine is enhanced by the well-matched Volvo powertrain and intelligent hydraulics, which only supply power on demand. The load-sensing hydraulics also ensure fast response for outstanding control over the load, as well as shorter cycle times. Another intelligent feature, the Reverse-By-Braking (RBB) function automatically reduces the engine rpm and applies the service brakes when the operator changes the direction of the machine. This not only conserves fuel but also reduces stress on the drivetrain, thereby extending component life.

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Industry News

AEM updates safety manuals for directional drilling best practices

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has produced a new Directional Drilling safety manual and updated its Directional Drilling Tracking Equipment safety manual to reflect the latest industry best practices for drilling safely. Keyholing and cross boring are prominently featured in the safety procedures for underground utility damage prevention.

AEM safety manuals are industry-consensus safety documents written in clear language presented in an easy-to-follow format. They are a convenient and cost-effective way to provide safety information to operators. (The AEM safety manuals are not a substitute for manufacturer manuals.)

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ALLU Screener Crusher Bucket Improves Profitability In Pipeline Applications

The ALLU D-Series Screener Crusher Bucket attachment works with wheel loaders, excavators, skid steers or back hoes to screen, crush, pulverize, aerate, blend, mix, separate, feed and load materials all in one stage—increasing the profitability and efficiency of pipeline construction operations. It is an effective tool for pipeline padding and backfilling, because it allows material to be screened on site and then backfilled directly into a trench, eliminating the need for a dedicated stationary screening machine. The ALLU power adjustment valve promotes powerful startup and rotation allowing the attachment to efficiently screen and crush wet or dry material from 0.60-inch to 6-inch (15-mm to 150-mm) fragment sizes. Straight side plate construction makes the ALLU D-Series Screener Crusher Buckets easy to fill and able to hold a greater volume of material, while the standard power adjustment valve prevents overloads. Locating the hydraulics on the back of the attachment keeps them well protected from damage, while patented fender plates protect the bearings and seals. Its patented construction keeps nuts and bolts away from the material flow. ALLU D-Series Screener Crusher Bucket attachments are available in over 60 models to fit any excavator, wheel loader, skid steer or backhoe.

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Volvo expands special applications team

A modified EW230C wheeled excavator shows its high reach potential.
A modified EW230C wheeled excavator shows its high reach potential.

To meet special applications needs, Volvo Construction Equipment has grown its number of official, third party suppliers over the past three years. This has become an integral arm of their business and one dealer that has embraced this opportunity with special gusto is Norway’s Volvo Maskin AS – with more than 70 special units sold to date.

“This allows us to get close to customers and listen to their requirements,” says Knut Grepperud, manager at Volvo Maskin. “We look at all the opportunities that come our way with a ‘can do’ attitude and this helps us give customers exactly the right machinery.”

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