The rich history of innovation that Caterpillar acquired with the purchase of Bucyrus International

by Keith Haddock

The takeover of Bucyrus International, Inc. by Caterpillar, Inc. is sn $8.6-billion deal brings together two giants of the industry, and establishes Caterpillar Global Mining at Oak Creek, Wisconsin, the former headquarters of Bucyrus.

To view the rich heritage of one of America’s innovative and most famous industrial equipment manufacturers, let’s take a walk back through the history of the company.

Known as Bucyrus-Erie Company prior to 1997, and Bucyrus Company prior to 1927, Bucyrus International Inc. boasts an unmatched heritage of specialization in the mining and construction equipment manufacturing industries. From the smallest yard crane to some of the largest machines on earth, no other company has produced such a wide variety of types and sizes of excavating machines. Its floating dredges, tractor equipment, cable excavators, hydraulic excavators, drills, cranes, walking draglines, bucket wheel excavators, and other special equipment are all part of the Bucyrus heritage that is now Caterpillar’s.

For the past 25 years or so, Bucyrus has been better known in the surface mining industry than in construction. That’s because the mid 1980s recession took a toll on most industrial manufacturing companies and Bucyrus-Erie was no exception. The company was forced to change direction and realign its products to those serving only the surface mining industry; products for which it enjoyed little competition. It consequently sold off manufacturing rights to all its construction-related products, including loader backhoes, hydraulic excavators, cranes and cable excavators, and concentrated on products such as giant walking draglines, electric shovels and blast hole drills.

In recent years, the boom in surface mining around the world allowed Bucyrus to expand rapidly and undertake some strategic acquisitions to bolster its mining product lines. Beginning in 1988, it purchased the walking dragline assets of Ransomes & Rapier Ltd. in England. Then in 1997 it purchased its major competitor, Marion Power Shovel Company, allowing access to patents and designs of Marion surface mining machines in the same industry that Bucyrus already served. More recently it purchased DBT Engineering in Germany in 2007, providing Bucyrus with an extensive range of underground mining equipment, a new area for the company.

In 2009. Bucyrus expanded even further by purchasing the mining equipment business of Terex Corporation. This deal included Terex hydraulic excavators (previously known as O&K), a range of electric drive haul trucks (still marketed today as Unit Rig), an increased range of drills, and the SHM Highwall Miner, a machine that extracts coal from the exposed seams in high walls at surface mine boundaries.

Throughout Bucyrus’ history, and now continued by Caterpillar, research and development efforts continue to add new products and improve established product lines with a focus on reducing the cost per ton of material moved.

Get the full story of Bucyrus history and its extensive product lines in Keith Haddock’s book, “Bucyrus Heavy Equipment – Construction and Mining Machines 1880 – 2008”. Includes spectacular photos from Bucyrus’ archives, and describes every product the company made from early railroad machines to the giant electric mining shovels, walking draglines and drills of today. Card bound 8 1/4” x 10 3/4”. 456 b&w photos. Signed copies available from the author. Send $44.95 cheque or M.O. (covers shipping and taxes) to: Park Communications, 505 Hegler Crescent, Edmonton, Alberta, T6R 1T3, or phone 780-434-2840 for more information.


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Vermeer has introduced the TR620 trommel screen that allows for an optional third product conveyor, and which will handle the majority of screening needs for compost, mulch, aggregate and topsoil producers, in a compact design for sites with limited space.

“This new trommel screen can fit into a smaller space than our other models, which is a requirement for customers who have a limited amount of space on their site,” said Jeff Bradley, product manager for recycling and forestry at Vermeer. “We listened to contractors who told us they wanted a trommel that could produce three separate products without running the material through the machine twice. That is why we developed the optional third conveyor.”

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Equipment Management & Maintenance

Game Changed – Lincoln Electric Introduces the Power MIG 210 MP

The Power MIG 210 MP from Lincoln Electric is a multi-process welder for the hobbyist, educator or small contractor who wants to perform MIG welding and a lot more, including DC stick, DC TIG and self-shield flux-cored wire welding. 

Push-and-turn digital controls and a color display screen make setup and operation intuitive and easy, while the all-metal wire drive and sturdy sheet metal construction make the welder rugged and ready for any job in the home or small shop.

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Motor Graders

Volvo C-Series Graders Offer Premium Grading Solutions

Volvo Construction Equipment has a long legacy of expertise in supplying and supporting a range of motor graders in North America. When the G900 Series of Volvo motor graders was first introduced in 2006, the machines were already ahead of the curve, incorporating first-in-the-market features such as an 11-speed transmission, programmable auto-shift, shuttle shift and creep mode. Since then Volvo has continually updated the model range in response to customer demand, as well as the Volvo core values of safety, quality and environmental care – and is now recognized as the industry leader in operator comfort, stability and productivity.

The Tier 4 Final / Stage IV-compliant C-Series motor graders consists of four models — G930C, G940C, G946C (AWD) and G960C, catering to customers’ typical grading applications. The G900C motor graders are built in the Volvo Construction Equipment manufacturing facility in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania and will be offered to customers throughout North America and Europe.

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Kenco Model KL12000 Barrier Lift

The Kenco Barrier Lift can be used on any concrete median barriers, sound walls, curbing & piling. It can also be used to align barriers that have already been placed. The specialized attachment has a fully automatic grab and release action allows hands free operation. In addition the Barrier Lift comes ready for immediate operation on any type or model of machine with lifting capabilities. There is no need to attach additional hydraulics, it hooks up with a separate sling and shackle assembly.

Handles on both sides allow ground laborers to guide the lifter into position. 6 by 36 inch elastomer pads grip the sidewalls to provide superior performance, even in wet weather. In addition a 6 to 12 inch grip range handles several types of wall and pad angles that swivel to match the slope of the wall to be lifted.

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Telematics System Provides Real-Time, Worldwide Surveillance of Wacker Neuson Machinery

The satellite-based GPS locating and surveillance system from Wacker Neuson Telematic not only tracks the operating time of a construction machine, but provides equipment owners with information on movements, GPS location and operating condition – allowing surveillance of construction machines in real-time, 24 hours per day and worldwide. Wacker Neuson Telematic has also improved anti-theft protection, helping to recover the construction machine after a theft.

This tool is now available for all machines from Wacker Neuson, including wheel loaders, excavators and dumpers.

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Information Technology

Topcon Releases New UAS for Aerial Mapping

Topcon Positioning Group has released two unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for mapping: the Sirius Pro and the Sirius Basic. Both systems are designed to produce the most accurate solutions for automated mapping of a wide range of sites – regardless of terrain – including construction sites, mines and quarries, and for use in land surveying, power line and pipeline inspection.

These fixed-wing systems resulted from a partnership with MAVinci GmbH, a UAS development company with which Topcon recently entered into a worldwide distribution agreement.

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Engines and Powertrains

Cummins Announces Free Quickserve Online Mobile App for Apple iOS Devices

Cummins Inc. has announced that it has released a free QuickServe Online (QSOL) mobile app for Apple iOS devices. The QSOL mobile app provides easy, on-the-go access to Cummins part options, parts catalogs and engine dataplate information for 15 million Cummins Engine Serial Numbers (ESNs). It also includes a fault code analyzer for Cummins electronic engines, providing specific fault code details and analysis.

“The QuickServe Online mobile app puts Cummins parts and service information right in the hands of our customers, with easier access than ever before, allowing them to find the most accurate information faster and getting them back on the road quicker,” said Mike Champlin, Director – Information Products, Cummins New and ReCon Parts.

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SK35SR Is KOBELCO’s Smallest Model with Integrated Noise and Dust Reduction Cooling System (iNDr

KOBELCO Construction Machinery has enhanced their SK35SR model. It is now the company’s smallest model to feature their exclusive Integrated Noise and Dust Reduction Cooling System (iNDr). The newly redesigned, SK35SR model offers full-size performance with short-radius capabilities, quiet operation and exceptional performance features. Prior to the SK35SR, KOBELCO’s iNDr system was only available in larger-model excavators.

This compact, robust machine incorporates KOBELCO’s iNDr technology into an advanced dual arrangement cooling system – the iNDr and eco-friendly system (iNDr+E). KOBELCO’s iNDr+E feature utilizes the same high-tech iNDr system found in the company’s conventional excavators but differs by directing the muffler exhaust underneath the machine. In addition, the SK35SR’s cooling system suppresses the machine’s noise to a low 76 decibels.

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Skid-Steer & Compact Track Loaders

New Terex Generation 2 Loaders Boast More Than 100 Upgrades, Build On Popular Features

Terex introduced its new line of skid steer loaders and compact track loaders specifically designed for rental stores and contractors working in site preparation, construction, landscaping, infrastructure development and demolition applications. Based on proven designs and engineering, the new Terex Generation 2 (GEN2) loaders feature more than 100 enhancements from the previous models and are available in radial and vertical lift-path patterns with rated operating capacities (ROC) ranging from 665 to 3,600 pounds. These features combine to offer operators powerful machine productivity on every jobsite and equipment owners a high return on investment.

As part of the company’s continuous improvement methodology, many of the enhancements to the Terex GEN2 loader lines are aimed at increasing machine performance through additional ROC and loader breakout forces, while increasing durability and reliability in the field, which reduces the cost of ownership during the life of the loader.

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Industry News

Hillhead 2016 Dates Announced!

QMJ, the organizers of the Hillhead Quarry Exhibition, have announced that the 17th edition of the biennial showcase event for the minerals and construction industries will take place from June 28-30, 2016 at Lafarge Tarmac’s, Hillhead Quarry, near Buxton, Derbyshire, England.

Following the hugely successful event in 2014, demand for stand space is expected to be very high and further details will be posted on the website at in due course. In the meantime, expressions of interest should be directed to Penny Lewin, operations manager,at:

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