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Going mobile to manage equipment

There is no doubt that equipment is one of the largest cost centres for most contractors. With often hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars worth of bulldozers, cranes, excavators, graders, skidders, and so on, construction companies have been driven in recent years to manage this major capital expense more efficiently.

Making the initial financial investment in equipment is just the beginning of what must be a well managed operation in order to be optimally profitable.

Contractors must make sure that equipment is on a jobsite when needed and ensure it doesn’t sit idle when it could be used elsewhere.

Equipment operators must be trained so that they use the piece properly and efficiently and comply with environmental and safety regulations. To maximize the value of equipment, contractors must ensure it’s maintained, making preventative maintenance an essential priority to prevent costly problems and downtime.

Furthermore, equipment management can be an important profit center for a contractor that carefully tracks usage and cost of ownership and bills costs to jobs as appropriate.

Linking it all together
Correctly managing equipment can be extremely complex and can significantly impact a company’s bottom line. There are many software solutions that help simplify the equipment management process but a solution that provides seamless workflow between estimating, job costing, financials, and project management empowers a contractor to truly maximize equipment investments.

A complete construction management solution can handle the entire project lifecycle, allow contractors to manage equipment and utilization, and define and track maintenance schedules and procedures, while tracking the cost of ownership.

Contractors can leverage the value of a complete solution to gain control over the capital intensive aspect of their business, as well as minimize the costs associated with equipment and keep their equipment active at jobsites. With a true picture of costs against budget, they can also manage their equipment as a company profit centre.

The value of mobility
With recent advances in mobile technology, equipment and project managers, and other appropriate team members, can increase their operational efficiencies by having access to real-time data while working on the jobsite. The arrival of the iPad has made informed, on-the-jobsite decisions easier and more convenient than ever. The device is not only easy enough for a computer novice to use, it also offers the sophistication needed for contractors to access detailed data no matter if the person is working in the office, at a jobsite, at an equipment storage facility or on the road.

This mobility and real-time access can be a true asset in turning equipment into a profit center. With a complete construction management software solution and mobile application, contractors can easily pull or enter data using an iPad to, for example, record equipment location and utilization information to the appropriate project and cost code.

And, with one central location for all the related data (such as receipts, warranties, insurance certificates, repair bills, and pictures), the accounting department can apply cost of ownership to each piece of equipment through accounts payable, journal entries, and payroll, using cost codes to breakdown each expense.

The mobility aspect of a complete, all-in-one software solution also enables contractors to minimize costs associated with equipment repairs and keep their equipment active at their jobsites. Having real-time information on the condition of the equipment, a maintenance schedule, alerts notifying when service is required, and more, can help project managers and equipment managers make sure that important maintenance is done in a timely and cost-effective manner.

A powerful combination
Contractors that leverage the combined power of a complete construction management software solution with mobile access from an iPad, will reduce downtime, prevent costly repairs, maximize the profit of every project, and improve the financial stability of their business.

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Trucks & Trailers

Rugged automated manual transmission for severe-duty applications

Volvo Trucks has introduced a rugged version of the Volvo I-Shift automated manual transmission for severe-duty applications. The reinforced I-Shift for severe-duty (SD) applications is now available for order in Volvo VHD vocational models. The I-Shift for severe duty is designed for on- and off-road work in applications requiring frequent shifting.

The introduction of the I-Shift for severe-duty applications continues development that began in 2007 when Volvo became the first OEM to bring an integrated automated manual transmission to the North American market. 75 percent of Volvo trucks sold in 2014 were spec’d with an I-Shift transmission. The I-Shift SD is available on VHD models powered by the Volvo D11 and D13 engines and is standard on VHD models at a certain weight rating.

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Crawler Dozers


The new Dressta TD-9 in operation.
The new Dressta TD-9 in operation.

At a March international press event in Stalowa Wola, Poland, Dressta laid out its plans for a robust expansion into the North American market. Since being acquired by China-based LiuGong just over three years ago, Dressta has been making moves to consolidate its global positioning in the crawler dozer market as well as layout plans for its growth based on leveraging LiuGong’s investment in Dressta’s research and development.

One of the clearest examples of this approach is the new range of small dozers which have been made with the unique needs of the North American contractor top of mind.

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Heavy Equipment Guide

Hitachi ZX300LC-6 excavator features more horsepower, and increased swing torque and lift capacity

Hitachi Construction Machinery– Americas has revealed the newest addition to its construction-class excavator lineup – the ZX300LC-6 with Tier 4 Final, Isuzu engine technology.

“At Hitachi, we don’t get sidetracked building every type of construction equipment. Instead, we leverage our expertise and legacy of meeting demanding mining applications to build excavators that are highly efficient, reliable and durable,” said Mark Wall, product marketing manager at Hitachi Construction Machinery – Americas.

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Aggregates Equipment
Industry News

Windmill Developments, The Minto Group and ZZEN Group of Companies team up for a more responsible aggregate sector

Windmill Developments, The Minto Group and ZZEN Group of Companies sent notice to the Cornerstone Standards Council (CSC) that they will preferentially purchase certified aggregate materials if other factors like price, quality and availability are equal. This announcement is an important step towards a building industry that recognizes aggregate sites that voluntarily operate under more stringent requirements than law.

"I am pleased to say that when offered the choice of a product made with CSC certified material we will choose that product over other similar products," said Rodney Wilts, Partner at Windmill Developments. "With the Cornerstone certification leaders in the aggregate industry are stepping up and challenging themselves to operate in a more responsible way. Windmill Developments applauds this type of initiative and encourages our partners in sustainable development to choose certified aggregates whenever possible."

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Asphalt Equipment

Roadtec Presents Autotracking Package for Material Transfer Vehicles

The Autotracking package for the Roadtec Shuttle Buggy Material Transfer Vehicle automates the Shuttle Buggy allowing it to operate at a continuous speed with a paver. This new option enables the paver to set the speed for the Shuttle Buggy preventing any defects in the mat associated with stopping and starting the paver.

Currently, MTV operators have to continuously monitor and adjust their speed to keep their distance from the paver constant; with the Autotracking package, that constant worry is eliminated. The speed of the Shuttle Buggy is automatically adjusted up or down to maintain a set distance from the paver. This option seamlessly links the paving train and improves operation by eliminating inconsistencies with speed and distance.

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Crawler Dozers

Komatsu America Corp. introduces the new D65PXi-18

Komatsu America Corp., has introduced the new D65PXi-18, the latest addition to its next generation of intelligent machine control and dozer technology.

The long track, low ground pressure D65PXi-18 excels in soft or wet conditions and offers exceptional stability for finish grading applications. It features a stronger, 217-horsepower, SAA6D114E-6, EPA Tier 4 Final emissions certified engine . Komatsu claims that its engine solution is environmentally friendly and provides high levels of performance while reducing fuel consumption and operating costs.

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Industry News

Vermeer announces Ultimate Crew contest semifinalists

Ulmer Contracting, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Ulmer Contracting, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Vermeer Corporation has introduced the Ultimate Crew contest semifinalists. Eight crews from across North America are one step closer to winning a trip to the International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) 2015 where they will compete for the grand prize package — which includes the use of a Vermeer D24x40 Series II Navigator® horizontal directional drill for 12 months and the chance to be featured in future Vermeer marketing efforts.

Vermeer congratulates the eight semifinalists.

Crew: Chase Boyer, Colby Boyer, John Boyer, Scott Boyer and Steve Boyer

Crew: Mike Millner, Neal Vatnsdal and Jedd Von Ende

Crew: Elena Bisognin, Nathan Shalay, Paul Stancic and Chuck Ulmer

Crew: Ivan Hershberger, Justin Hershberger, Marvin Hershberger, Reuben Hershberger and Raymond Mast

Crew: Tim Beyerink, David Hildreth, Tom Hildreth and Shannon Pierce

Crew: Orin Blackmore, Ron Cole, Rodney Gilliam, Terry Gorsuch and Frazier Yazzie

  • M3 Contracting, from Monticello, Minnesota

Crew: Colby Mavencamp, Dave Mavencamp, Mike Muir and Matt Schneider

  • Precision Underground Inc., from Bismarck, North Dakota

Crew: Tyler Blauert, Delbert Maruska and Sara Ryckman

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LBX excavators do it all on solar projects

Lawrence Knapp saw the light soon after the government of Ontario introduced programs to encourage solar development in 2009. He quickly went to work building a new equipment fleet to provide specialized construction services to solar operators.

Site prep

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