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Cat 120M2 and 12M2 Motor Graders

The Cat 120M2 and 12M2 motor graders – with their all-wheel-drive (AWD) counterparts, the 120M2 AWD and 12M2 AWD – are equipped with low-emitting, fuel-efficient engines meeting Tier 4 Interim emission standards and are designed for a broad range of tasks, including heavy blade work, road maintenance, snow removal and precision-finishing.  

Clean, powerful engines
The new M Series 2 models are powered by Cat VHP (variable horsepower) engines with ACERT Technology and all have wider net-horsepower ranges than their M Series predecessors. The 120M2 and 120M2 AWD use the C7.1 ACERT engine, and the 12M2 and 12M2 AWD the C9.3 ACERT engine. Maximum net power ratings for the new models, respectively, are 189 horsepower (141 kW), 209 horsepower (156 kW), 223 horsepower (166 kW) and 243 horsepower (181 kW).

Variable Horsepower Plus (VHP Plus) is now standard on the full line-up of M Series 2 machine models, delivering additional horsepower in each forward gear 5th through 8th for more power at higher speeds. The system limits horsepower in lower gears, which helps reduce wheel slip where traction is limited. This optimizes rimpull in all gears by balancing traction, speed and horsepower while conserving fuel.

Both engines utilize the Cat NOx Reduction System and Caterpillar designed aftertreatment technologies to meet Tier 4 Interim emissions standards. The Cat Regeneration System is designed to work transparently, without any interaction needed from the operator. A soot level monitor can be viewed on the Cat Messenger screen and regeneration indicator lights are integrated into the front console.

12M2 updates, All Wheel Drive (AWD)
Customers have long recognized the value of the 12 motor grader. The 12M2 offers additional enhancements over the previous model with a longer wheelbase, a larger displacement engine, more power and torque and the addition of a 12M2 All Wheel Drive (AWD) model.

Operator amenities
The new M Series 2 models continue to feature Caterpillar's hallmark control system, which uses two electronic joysticks to provide complete control of the machine, while reducing hand and wrist movement by nearly 80 percent, compared with conventional controls. The system's intuitive design helps both new and experienced operators work more productively.

The new motor graders also feature electronic vertical adjustment of the joystick control pods, allowing operators to tailor joystick height for optimum control and comfort. The spacious M Series 2 cab, with standard air conditioning, uses angled doors and a patented sloping rear window to afford excellent visibility to the heel and toe of the moldboard and to the ripper.

Long-term customer value
M Series 2 motor graders offer a long list of features that build on the legacy of Cat motor grader productivity and value.
· Revolutionary cab and controls enhance operator comfort and productivity.
· Serviceability features offer ease of maintenance, as well as the ability to quickly adjust the drawbar, circle and moldboard for precise material control and reduced operating costs.
· Electro-hydraulics enable advanced machine control with precise and predictable movements.
· Standard Automatic Differential Lock unlocks the differential during a turn, re-locks when straight, for easier operation and lower power train protection.
· All Wheel Drive models offer precise control and increased power for improved performance in a variety of applications.
· Like all Cat motor graders, M Series 2 models are designed with features to enhance operator and jobsite safety including secondary steering, hydraulic lockout, redundant brake systems, circle drive slip clutch and walkways/grab rails.

Integrated Technologies
All M Series 2 models feature the new Cat Grade Control Cross Slope system. Cat Grade Control is a complete machine control and guidance system which is fully integrated with standard machine components at the factory. This optional factory-installed and calibrated cross slope system provides automatic cross slope control capability, ready to operate from the moment it leaves the factory. In addition, Cat Cross Slope is fully upgradeable and compatible with AccuGrade™ systems to grow with customers.

In addition to Cat Cross Slope, the M Series 2 motor graders will also continue to offer the AccuGrade Ready Option which provides all the mounting hardware, controls and harnesses for easy installation of all AccuGrade kits.

Motor grader users can also utilize Cat Product Link, which allows remote monitoring of equipment to improve overall fleet-management effectiveness. Product Link is deeply integrated into machine systems. Events and diagnostic codes, as well as hours, fuel, idle time and other detailed information are transmitted to a secure web based application, VisionLink. VisionLink includes powerful tools to convey information to users and dealers, including mapping, working and idle time, fuel level and more.

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